About BlindDog

BlindDog is a 10 year old, partially sighted Bichon Frise who makes up in character and charm what she lacks in stature.  She came to us pre-loved by an elderly relative who was no longer able to look after her.  She was originally rescued after being kept in a house with almost 250 other dogs in this horrible case for the first year of her life. But she prefers not to talk about that and has turned out to be a laid back, happy dog in spite of it all.

On these pages we’ll share tips and ideas on how to make the most of life with your dog and how to help your dog make the most of their life with you.  We’ll include tips for living with a blind or partially sighted dog, product reviews and ideas for fun things to do together.

We don’t claim to be experts and I’m not a vet, dog trainer or pet nutritionist.  We’re just a blind dog and her human trying to add a little more tail-wagging to everyday life!


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